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Nathalie Castet

Name : Castet

First name : Nathalie

Description : I'm born in 1962 in a familly from Bordeaux old wards, those which have a soul.
First drawings I've seen were those that my maternal grandmother was sketching while she was designing couture models.After erudite sketches, silks and cotton goods were taking up balanced and elaborate volumes.
During his studies, my father was drawing anatomy with such a talent, the same talent than his ancestors, who made all the oil-paintings that were decorating my childhood's walls, had.
Around 16 years old, I was taking drawing courses to perfect the lines, illustrating first peoms I was writing with downstrokes and upstrokes, with pen and ink.
Rapidly I took myself to couture, drawing my first fashion lines while ferreting my materials on Saint Michel square in Bordeaux old town.
This is by studying my husband's floral compositions volumes that water colors painting captivated me for about ten years, gaving way little by little to oil-painting and acrylic which tones and textures were ravishing me.
I took personal courses with some persons who opend my mind to new scopes in terms of mixing paint, spices, various materials...for Kim and Ousseynou, mixtures had no limits.
From academic courses to delirious paintings, everything was beeing built, nothing is hazardous, neither the abstract art that I like particulary.
Other's look penetrates the deepest into the canvas, looking in spite of himself for a reassuring known shape and, because he doesn't find any, lets himself being carried by shapes and colors, likes it or rejects it...this is the goal of the art-work. His look should not pass on the message without stopping on it.
Painting for me is a meditation and a sharing. I intercept a message and the painting is being built during weeks or monthes. Shapes and colors intermingle till they appear totally balanced on my mental screen ... then they can invade the canvas where the materials are going to give it all its dimension . The exhaustion lets place to serenity. All stress has disappeared. The communication with the cancas has all this magic. This is a trudging towards others and oneself at the same time. This is a retreat inside oneself for a new birth, stirring each time.


© 2007 Nathalie Castet.